With 2014 ahead of us, Fortus Consulting has strengthened its resources and is ready to assist our clients for improved profitability.

“We have added a lot of bench strength to our team this year and enhanced our service offerings. Our focus is to offer recommendations for successful execution that supports the client strategy. By using strong analytics and understanding of processes and people behaviour, we achieve profitability for our clients. Our new team has vast experience from forecasting, scheduling, statistics, lean improvements, simulation, big data analysis, inventory management, warehousing and distribution”, says Mats Gerschman, President Fortus Consulting. “At the end of the year we re-positioned to address the fact that organizations many times lack the resources to connect strategy with execution. The deep analysis that might be needed is either not available or the internal analysts are working hard with the day-to-day issues. Fortus plays an important role in bridging this gap. Our assignments during 2013 showed that senior management often has the right ideas about what needs to be done, but their focus is on clients and outside stake-holders and they lack the information needed for proper execution. Fortus has been able to understand and embrace the organization’s strategies and then drill down into the organization to find out how execution is done and recommend enhancements.”

“Strategic understanding based on years of running successful companies is the foundation for proper execution,” continues Mats Gerschman. “During my 30 years of general management experience, I have found that the right information from data, the understanding of how people deal with it and the capability to gather information at all levels in an organization, are crucial for sustained profitability. The external consulting team that a client engages has to understand the big picture. I am very pleased to now have associates with a very deep and vast experience from so many different areas. We can also engage additional resources from our network of competent specialists. If you have lots of data, and have difficulties understanding trends and behaviours, we even have experts in visual analytics available; to facilitate for a better experience for our clients.”

Big data is more than a buzzword today, but it is mainly used for understanding consumer behaviours. However, it should also be used for looking inside an organization’s behaviour and to clarify to management and employees, where improvements can be made. To connect strategy, people and systems in an organization is crucial for customer satisfaction and profitability.

“We made some changes at the end of the year; my ex-business partner Amanda Armstrong is no longer associated with the company”, explains Mats. “If you look at our new roster at http://fortus.ca/who-we-are you will find a huge addition of talent and we will continue working with associates who can boost the profitability of our clients. We now have strong manufacturing experience available, as well as traffic planning, simulation, visual analytics, lean transformation and all areas of operations research capabilities. We are ready to make 2014 and beyond successful for our existing and future clients. Fortus’ new team is wishing everybody a Happy New Year!”