Fortus Consulting

At Fortus Consulting, we understand that you are focused on running your business, with an ever-vigilant eye on sales and profitability, and customer acquisition and retention. It can challenging to find time to thoroughly analyse, measure and implement improvements that result in higher profitability and better customer service levels within your financial constraints.  

We help you increase Profitability through Strategic Alignment and Operational Excellence

What does Operational Excellence mean to you? Maybe streamlined processes, optimized allocation of resources and having the right people with the right skills, tools and information; whilst containing costs.

Fortus summarizes this in helping you to CREATE OUTPUTS IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY.

Are your Strategic goals set and are they tangible and measurable? Are they clearly communicated and deployed within your organization? Does everyone understand how they contribute to achieving your organization's goals?

Fortus helps you align your People and Systems with your Strategy in order to achieve EFFICIENT EXECUTION.

Whatever your operational challenges, we help you MAKE IT WORK BETTER

You profit from a creative, practical, implementable action plan with integrated performance metrics.

Most importantly, Fortus can partner with you throughout the entire implementation process and provide you with coaching, training and support in both project management and change management to ensure you receive lasting benefits after the implementation.

That’s the Fortus difference.