Implementation Support

Great recommendations don’t always lead to great results. The reason is that the best recommendation also needs flawless implementation. Management Consulting usually does not involve implementation support.

Fortus is different.

We coach you in project management and change management to make sure our recommendations are executed in a flawless way.

Fortus has extensive experience providing complete service-delivery solutions, from initial client assessments throughout implementation.  Our expertise in operational support and project management allows us to provide you with a level of implementation support which is unprecedented in the management consulting industry.

At every step of the way, Fortus helps you to execute operational improvements with embedded change management solutions. We provide upper management-level coaching, as well as training and coaching for your staff, so that everyone understands precisely what is expected of them and how to deliver on those expectations to meet goals.

We help you maneuvering through all the obstacles that occur during implementation to make sure that you achieve the desired results and the full benefits of implementation. We are experts in project management and can coach your team about how to structure a project and perform timely execution within budget and with the right quality. And we do not stop there. We help you establish the structure to continuously improve.

We are here to make things work better and enhance your customer’s satisfaction.