Our expertise

The Fortus team has vast experience in:

Our team has the unique combination of executive management experience and in-depth analytical expertise. We understand strategies and execution and have led large company expansions and smaller company growth. We have improved profits and stream-lined operations.

As management consultants we have advised multinationals as well as mid-size organizations about how to increase profitability through operational excellence.

If you are a company in growth mode and need to know how to bring your employees and systems to the next level, we have the track record. We know how to achieve strategic alignment of your people and systems to your goals. Our principlas have done it before and can assist you. 

We have implemented software systems and business transformations and know how important change management and strong project management is.

Our team has experience from many years of helping clients excel in delivery of timely services while keeping cost levels at a minimum. We know what it means to run large organizations and meet corporate objectives from own experience. Concepts like Lean, Six Sigma and business process improvements are very familiar to us and we have implemented, and assisted clients with the implementation of, various programs to the benefit of all stake-holders.

 Fortus is unique:

  • We quickly understand top management strategies and goals
  • We conduct detailed data analysis to help you find solutions to your operational challenges
  • We align our solutions to your strategies to help you achieve your goals and align your people and systems for success
  • We coach you through execution to achieve sustainable results

It is well known in industry that good recommendations are not enough. That is why Fortus also offers to support your implementation.

In addition to the capability to connect strategies with analysis and create excellent recommendations, our team offers expertise to our clients in:

  • Project management
  • Change management

We make things work better.