Our services

Across multiple industry sectors, Fortus enhances the way organizations deliver their products and services to their customers. 

Fortus can:

  • Help you align your operations with your business strategy.
  • Assist you in execution to achieve high customer service levels
  • Examine how your work gets done and find ways to simplify your processes.
  • Analyse how you use your resources and find opportunities to reduce waste and get more out of what you have.
  • Transform your data into useful information so that you can make informed decisions about the direction of your business.
  • Provide coaching to your project managers on implementation and change management
  • Audit your risk management practices and mitigation plans

Fortus works with you to address your areas of concern. We review your processes to make sure they are aligned with your strategy, people and systems to deliver the highest customer satisfaction and excellent profitability. 

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following five areas:

Business Transformation helps organizations of all sizes to review and redesign existing operations and implement lasting change.  It is all-encompassing:  it begins with your organization’s strategy and aligns all activities related to people, processes and technology with your vision for the future. Often, we see...
Great recommendations don’t always lead to great results. The reason is that the best recommendation also needs flawless implementation. Management Consulting usually does not involve implementation support. Fortus is different. We coach you in project management and change management to make sure our recommendations...
You have set goals, but do you have the right metrics in place to measure performance?  Metrics provide essential links between strategy, execution and value creation. The changing competitive climate is placing heavy demands on conventional metrics systems, and thus creating stresses throughout firms, their supply...
Sound quality management programs start with the focus on your customer’s needs. By deploying these needs throughout your organization you will foster teamwork, a methodological approach to problem-solving and performance improvements. Creating a culture of continuous improvement ensures that you retain existing...