Performance Measurement

You have set goals, but do you have the right metrics in place to measure performance?  Metrics provide essential links between strategy, execution and value creation. The changing competitive climate is placing heavy demands on conventional metrics systems, and thus creating stresses throughout firms, their supply chains and customer base. It is no longer sufficient to simply let metrics evolve over time—organizations must proactively design and manage them.

Implementing well-designed metrics implies that you will also need to collect data. Metrics without measurements are not worth much; measurements without stretch goals and continuous follow-ups don’t lead to improvements; and goals without action plans do not lead to successful execution.

Fortus ensures that you have the right performance metrics in place, in operational and strategic contexts, to measure your progress and performance against your goals. We also encourage that you use specific goals that are measureable. We take a holistic approach to make sure that your strategic initiatives guide your operations and your operational activities support your top goals.

By linking your operations to your strategies, we help you make it work better.