Quality Management

Sound quality management programs start with the focus on your customer’s needs. By deploying these needs throughout your organization you will foster teamwork, a methodological approach to problem-solving and performance improvements. Creating a culture of continuous improvement ensures that you retain existing customers while obtaining new ones.

Research has shown that reputation for good service spreads slowly, but a reputation for poor results spreads very quickly. We can help you achieve good service results to enhance your reputation in the market place.

Methodologies are often grouped in various programs such as Six Sigma, Lean transformation, TQM or other quality enhancement methodologies or programs.  We can assist you in building high quality into your processes by leading your Business Transformation.  In doing so, we will ensure that you have the right Performance Measurements  in place and that your operations management is solid. 

The change to a quality culture is a process that takes top management commitment, time and internal resources. The methodologies you adopt are not important. What is important is that the content and methodologies fit your culture and goals. Fortus will work with you to pick out the essentials to make quality work better for you.